Nicolet Vascular:

Was found April 12, 1976 as Imex medical system. Nicolet rapidly becomes a market leader in hand held Doppler for obstetric applications due to quality, reliability & value of the products. In 1983 the company expanded into the field of peripheral vascular physiologic testing equipment for the diagnosis & assessment of peripheral arterial & venous disease.
Nicolet Vascular, a division of VIASYS Healthcare, is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic product.

Range Of Products:
Ultrasound Doppler system with digital fetal &vascular heart rate display for use in hearing the fetal heart rate or diagnosing vascular disease.

- Companion III.
- FreeDop
- ImexDop CT+
- Nicolet Elite
- Pioneer TC8080
- Pocket-Dop 3
- Pocket-Dop II
- StethoDop
- VasoGuard MicroLite
- VasoGuard
- VersaLab APM/APM2
- VersaLab LE/SE
- Telocin

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