A: Laser Tracking System Model: CT SIM Robotic

  • Compatible with most treatment planning systems
  • Automated data transfer using TCP/IP from treatment planning systems including GE, Philips/ADAC, Nucletron, CMS, Varian and MDS Nordion
  • Accurate and reproducible laser positioning ( 0.5mm) ensured by direct reading linear encoder
  • Laser can be adjusted while in .on. position to permit visual monitoring of it.s movement
  • Lasers calibrated at isocenter in under 15 minutes at couch side
  • Pendant synchronized with the Windows* system software allowing functions to be performed couch side
  • Pendant includes a complete 8 line data display and is backlit for low light conditions
  • The CT Sim laser unit is designed to mount easily and securely on walls, ceilings or stable, free-standing laser stanchions
  • Both moving and stationary lasers rotate internally and can be adjusted to compensate for angled walls up to 45 from perpendicular to the couch.



B: Portable densitometer Model: DensiQuick 2

Gammex rmi announced the further expansion of its meter line by introducing the low cost, portable DensiQuick 2 densitometer. The DensiQuick 2 is designed for precision point measurements under x-ray. An 18 cm arm length guarantees accuracy on mid-film measurements as large as 35x35 cm. A measuring range of 0-4.5 OD, with precision less than 0.02 OD, designates GAMMEX 2-336 as an elite product.





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