A: Portable Ultrasound Model: SDU 350 XL

The small size of the system fits into any clinical environment. The lightweight console is easily transported to any desired location. Shimadzu's experience in many advanced technologies and long experience in diagnostic ultrasound have been combined in the SDU-350XL to produce the ultimate in imaging versatility. The SDU-350XL incorporates a powerful computer with advanced image processing electronics. The result is software driven system utilizing "windows" type menus for simplified operation.







B: Conventional Ultrasound System: Model SDU 450 XL

Basic Functions plus Ease of Use
This easy-to-use ultrasound system features a slim design incorporating the latest software and convenient keyboard arrangement

Includes True Line Interpolation
Uses the same True Line Interpolation as the top-of-the-range models to create uniform, easily diagnosed images for both shallow and deep tissues

Image Storage Function using Flash Cards
Images are stored in Flash cards for transfer to a PC

User Customization
Modes can be easily rearranged according to such factors as frequency of use, to allow diagnostic mode combinations to suit each individual user.






C: Color Flow Ultrasound for General Purpose: Model SDU 1200 Xplus

Creating a smarter Ultrasound system means developing intelligent digitalization specific to its task. Shimadzu's proprietary LSI's, designed just for diagnostic Ultrasound, provide advantages not realized by conventional digital technology.











D: Digital Color Flow Ultrasound for Cardiology: Model SDU 2200

Shimadzu maintains the value of your investment through an extensive list of options and upgrades that are available fore the system. 3D and Tissue Harmonic Imaging are just a few of digital platform, which includes an integrated PC, makes the system easily up-gradable and ready for new developments in diagnostic Ultrasound.
















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