A: Remote-Controlled R/F table Model: RS-50A

It designed to achieve with high performance an integrated system to produce consistent. good quality images, space saving compact design-reduces the sitting costs. Accepts various films sized and offers choice of exposure programs to meet the needs of various clinical examinations. the unique design of an in-built facility for chest radiography dispenses the need for an additional radiography stand. State-of-the-art inverter type high voltage generator enables efficient use of X-ray reducing patient dose. Accuracy and efficiency are improved with the incorporation of microprocessors.





B: Multi function digital table system Model: Sonial Vision

The all new state-of-the-art Sonialvision from Shimadzu represents all that be high-end remote RF system should be.

  • The system will cover full range of applications in radiology department, including upper/ lower GI, Myelography, Tomography, Angiography, Venography, interventional procedures
  • Imaging tower can cover from head-to-toe without longitudinal movement of tabletop, which will greatly reduce the burden of the patient
  • Cutting edge High-frequency inverter generator and dose management system is adopted to reduce X-ray dose to minimum
  • Superb workflow management by all-in-one integrated console will keep you concentrated on the patient







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